Ford Focus MK3 (DYB) Front and Rear Coil Spring (2pieces coiled springs) - MASADO
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Brand Masado
Size (L x W x H) 50 cm x 25 cm x 30 cm
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Focus MK3 2PCS
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MASADO Coil Spring for

Ford Focus 2.0 MK3 (DYB) 2010-2017
Front : BV61-5310
Rear : BV61-5560

Coil Spring
OE replacement Coil Spring
Condition : Brand New
Colour : Black

Price for 2 pieces Front or

Price for 2 pcs Rear
Material : SAE9284 or similar (same as OE)

1. Role of Coil Spring
Support the total vehicles weight and absorb the impact of the road condition
Increase the life of the shock absorber and other suspension components such as types and links
Together with shock absorbers they make up the vehicles suspension system which keeps the tyres in contact with the road.

2. Why change Coil Springs?
To return the vehicle to the original ride height
To maintain tyre contact with the road surface
To improve road handling
To improve wheel alignment
To save money by increasing shock absorber life

3. When should Coil Springs be changed?
When broken always replace in axle pairs
When fatigued (sagging) always replace in axle pairs
Shock absorbers should also be replaced at the same time always replace in axle pairs

4. Specification
Cold coiling advance technology
Manufactured to ISO 9001 standards
Shot-peening significantly increases the fatigue life of the spring
Surface preparation and coating ensures excellent corrosion resistance

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What's in the box

2 Pieces Replacement Coil Spring